Volunteer Groups

Whether or not your life has been directly touched by a person who lives with emotional or developmental challenges, it is a rewarding experience to do volunteer work as a member of the SIMHS Women’s Guild or through New York City’s Foster Grandparent Program.

Our volunteers represent the best of humanitarianism, leadership, creativity, and inspiration. They complete the circle of our mission to nurture children with special needs and give their lives renewed hope and beauty.

From designing and directing diverse fundraising endeavors, to personal interplay with the children served by the SIMHS, our volunteers show their loyalty and dedication to our mission and our goal to serve the children every day.

For more information call  718-442-2225, Ext. 304.

Staten Island Mental Health Society Women’s Guild

The Women’s Guild was established in 1969, when Elizabeth W. Pouch, one of the SIMHS’s founders, telephoned her friend Agnes Miller, to arrange an ongoing social program for the wives of the doctors who were affiliated with the SIMHS. The women, however, were not content with simply socializing, and set forth goals of providing support for Society’s programs, services, and facilities. The Women’s Guild meets monthly in the homes of its members or at SIMHS’s West Brighton headquarters.

The Guild’s yearly fundraising activities include the exciting Spring Luncheon each May and the $10,000 Limited Raffle in December, The organization also hosts and participates in several yearly ice skating outings for children who receive SIMHS services, as well as holiday parties for client children and their families.

For more information call  718-442-2225, Ext. 304.


Foster Grandparent Program

If you enjoy working with preschoolers, there are opportunities to assist teachers in our Early Childhood Services division, through the New York City Department for the Aging’s Foster Grandparent Program. Currently, children at the Osgood Head Start Center are basking in the warmth and wisdom of our Foster Grandmothers, who work in the classrooms to lend a hand or a shoulder to lean on.

For information, call the New York City Foster Grandparent Program at (212) 442-3117