Mobile Mental Health Services

Health Partnership Benefits People Affected by Hurricane Sandy

Island residents who are still experiencing negative reactions in the wake of Hurricane Sandy can still get free, in-home behavioral health screenings and treatment, as well as physical health assessments, thanks to a partnership between the Society and Community Health Action of Staten Island. The two agencies have formed a Mobile Integrated Health Team that provides these professional services directly to adults, children and families who are still feeling the effects of the Superstorm.

According to Michael Skinner, the SIMHS’s Program Director for Sandy Relief Services, “Even though Hurricane Sandy is in the past, many Islanders are still dealing with the trauma caused by the storm, emotionally, physically and medically. Our team can address these issues right in your own home.”

Feeling depressed, anxious, or easily agitated, experiencing changes in sleep patterns or appetite, failing to address your own health issues, and the inability to get organized may be signs that you need services, Mr. Skinner said. “These reactions after a traumatic event are extremely common and nothing to be ashamed of. We are here to help you.”

To set up a free, in-home appointment with a licensed therapist, child specialist or registered nurse call 718-984-5050.