Varsity Club Scholarship Awarded to Day Treatment Alumna

The Varsity Club of Staten Island presented its 2018 Joe Coty Jr. Memorial Scholarship to 18-year-old Chyne Moore, a senior at Tottenville High School who received educational and clinical therapeutic services at the Society’s Day Treatment Center. Ms, Moore was honored at the Varsity Club’s Athletic Awards Dinner on June 6.

Since 2011, the Joe Coty Jr. Memorial Scholarship has been awarded to youngsters who are highly motivated to overcome intellectual, emotional, or developmental barriers to achieve their goals. To help prepare the recipients to reach their life‘s goals, the scholarship underwrites some or all of the costs of college or other post secondary education, vocational training, or acquisition of a specific skills.

After suffering severe family hardships, Chyne and her siblings were raised by their Aunt Jeania Moore. When Chyne was 6 her aunt adopted her. Following being diagnosed with a learning disability, Chyne was referred to PS/IS 25, the SIMHS’s Day Treatment Program, a NYC Department of Education special education school for children with severe emotional/behavioral challenges.

At the Day Treatment Center, Chyne attended small classes and worked at her own pace on the academic curriculum taught by trained special education teachers. Academics were combined with the highest quality intense individual, group and family therapeutic services provided by the SIMHS’s professional, caring clinicians.

Chyne stayed at PS 25 through elementary and middle school. She continued living in her aunt’s loving but disciplined household, which also helped her overcome her emotional setbacks. After eight years in the Day Treatment Program, Chyne had matured into an intelligent, motivated teenager, and was ready to mainstream with her peers at Tottenville High School. Her teachers credited her with being, “sweet and hardworking,” “a star who will shine in whatever she does.”

At Tottenville, she continued to move towards her goal of growing into a healthy, responsible young adult with a career in the law. Chyne says she is attracted to a career in the law so she can help young people who are incarcerated. She feels compassion for them and hopes to assist in legal efforts to ensure that they are treated fairly and justly.  To facilitate her career goals, Chyne plans to study Criminal Justice at Manhattan Community College; after two years, she hopes to transfer to John Jay’s Criminal Justice Academy.

Chyne credit’s the Society’s Day Treatment Program for the academic programs and therapeutic services that strengthened her intellectual and emotional skills so she could overcome her weaknesses and find the courage and motivation to meet her challenges. She looks forward to a sound and successful future.

Chyne‘s SIMHS clinical therapist Colleen Bardelli praised the young girl as a “force to reckon with.” Ms. Bardelli noted, “Since the first time I met Chyne, I saw that her strength and perseverance in the face of adversity was astonishing. I am so proud of her and cannot think of anyone more deserving of the this Coty Scholarship.”

The Joe Coty Jr. Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Mr. Coty, a Varsity Club member challenged by autism, who passed away in 2010 at age 42. Highly motivated to overcome his challenges, in addition to working as an administrative aide for the Staten Island Yankees, Mr. Coty was intimately involved in club activities and played an important role in assisting members in their mission to raise money for student athletic scholarships.