Encore! cast celebrates on stage with SICTA Director Rosemarie Callahan (stage right).

Encore! cast celebrates on stage with SICTA Director Rosemarie Callahan (stage right).

Our award-winning Staten Island Children’s Theatre Association marked its 30th Anniversary with “Encore!” a musical revue fundraiser celebrating its past, present and future, on stage at Snug Harbor’s Music Hall on May 5.

For more than 50 years, SICTA has brought live theater to children and families. Its Musical/Drama Arts workshops, launched in 1986, have brought children together to develop a love of theater and create mentally healthy and successful young adults. Each year, three rounds of workshops train youngsters from 5 to 18 in performance, communication and teamwork, culminating in Broadway-caliber classic musical productions.

The unique fundraising event celebrating three decades of fine productions was under the direction of SICTA Director Rosemarie Callahan, David Jozwiak and John Fiore.

“To quote a lyric from The Fantasticks ‘you wonder how these things begin,’ a group of children meet for the first time and never imagine they would still be friends and meet 20-30 years later to do a show,” said Ms. Callahan. “If ever a theater group could be described as a family, SICTA is that family.”

Encore! was an inside look to where the kids began, where they are now and a possible glimpse into the future, as some of their children become the next generation of SICTA participants.

The goal of the fundraiser was to support and continue the organization’s self-sustaining programs for years to come. Encore! was a concert of phenomenal voices in celebration.

Those voices included SICTA alums Meghan Sciannameo-Aidala, Jessica Caracciolo, Kara Criscitiello, Loretta Digilio, Suzi Adleman Eldridge, Suzanne Fiore, Bronwyn Stayoch Fugate, Fiona Gannon, Cortney Mancuso Goffin, Elizabeth Harding, BJ High, Jennifer Vernazza Lambert, Jessica Lucchesi, Cassandra Ruiz Nemzer, Lisa Mazy O’Hallorhan, Sal Pavia, Billy Piscopo, Melissa Callahan Rivas, Andrew Rodriguez, Katherine Callahan Scala, Rebecca Sciannameo, Matt Stango, Marissa Terzino, Angel Valentin, and Janene Violetta.

With thanks to Carol Ann Benanti for her contribution to this post.