Behavioral Health Services

The Behavioral Health Services Division provides a variety of clinical and preventive mental health and related services to children, teens and young adults, and their families, at several locations throughout Staten Island. Emergency services are provided by Psychiatric Emergency Room, Richmond University Medical Center, 355 Bard Avenue, Staten Island 10310.

Libby Traynor, LCSW, Senior Vice President for Behavioral Health Services
Aruna Agni, MD, Medical Director

Outpatient Therapeutic Services | Individual and Family Counseling

Children, teens and young adults up to age 21 with emotional/behavioral challenges, and their families, receive the highest quality diagnostic and treatment services in English, Spanish and several other languages. Individual, group, and family therapies, psycho-pharmacology, medication management, as well as parent counseling, are available to all registered clients and their families.

Mental Health Center
South Shore
Mental Health Center
Dr. Kenneth Popler
Mental Health Center
669 Castleton Avenue 3974 Amboy Road (3rd floor) 444 St. Mark’s Place
West Brighton. 10301 Great Kills 10308 St. George 10301
Tel: 718-442-2225 Tel: 718-984-5050 718-720-6727


Early Recognition Screening Program | Getting to Know About Your Child’s Emotional Health

Available at the three mental health centers above, this program provides emotional health screening consisting of questions regarding your child’s behavior at home and in school. One of our Early Recognition Specialists will contact you with results of the screening. Early identification and treatment of emotional/behavioral problems help children and teens succeed in school and develop positive social relationships at home and within the community.

Special Education | Day Treatment Center Services
PS/IS/25 & South Richmond HS:

North Shore Annex |  Grades 2-8
South Shore Annex (South Richmond High School) | Grades 9-12
669 Castleton Avenue 6581 Hylan Boulevard
West Brighton. 10301 Princes Bay, 10309
Tel: 718-442-2225 Tel: 718-984-4589

The Day Treatment Center (PS/IS/25 & South Richmond HS) is a partnership between the SIMHS and District 75 of the New York City Department of Education that combines therapeutic and academic services for children, in kindergarten through high school, with severe emotional or behavioral disorders.

Small classes are led by New York City Department of Education special education teachers, who give full attention to each student’s academic needs. The SIMHS’s professional, caring clinicians concentrate on individual and family therapy to hasten perception and recovery, with the goal of mainstreaming the children back into their neighborhood schools. After-school programs located on the North Shore, which provide homework help and recreational activities, as well as an optional summer session, are offered to students to provide a continuity of care and reduce interruptions to their progress. Children in the Day Treatment program usually return to general education schools within three to four years.


School-Based Counseling Services | On-Site Mental Health Program

This program provides school-based therapeutic services for mainstream elementary and intermediate school students who are in danger of placement into special education classes because of chronic disruptive behavior. Individual therapy sessions at the school are offered to students and their parents. Evening appointments are available to working parents.

Referrals are made to the SIMHS clinical staff through each school’s principal or designee.

The On-Site Mental Health Program is available at the following schools:

PS 14/PS 78 PS 16 PS 44
100 Tompkins Avenue 80 Monroe Avenue 80 Maple Parkway
Tel:  718-876-0144 Tel:  718-876-0480 Tel:  718-442-0433
PS 57 IS 27 IS 49
140 Palma Drive 11 Clove Lake Place 101 Warren Street
Tel:  718-447-1191 Tel:  718-815-1912 Tel:  718-727-6040


Teen Center | Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment

North Shore Program
South Shore Program
444 St. Mark’s Place 3974 Amboy Road
St. George 10301 Great Kills 10308
Tel: 718-720-6727 Tel:  718-984-5050

The SIMHS’s Teen Center is one of very few New York State-licensed outpatient alcohol/substance abuse treatment programs exclusively for adolescents and young adults, including family members of alcohol/substance abusers.The Teen Center program provides consumers with counseling, treatment, support, and training in social skills, in a non-judgmental and recreational environment. Clients re-acquire the life skills to learn, work, play and love optimally without dependence on chemical substances, and gain the insight and ability to grow into responsible, productive adults. Services are also offered to youth who have been dually diagnosed with substance abuse and emotional challenges.

Teen Center DUI/DWI Program

444 St. Mark’s Place
St. George 10301
Tel: 718-720-6727

Individuals referred by the courts for DUI/DWI infractions receive screening, evaluation for alcohol/substance abuse, and referral to the Teen Center or other appropriate dependency treatment program.

 __________________________________________________ (Safe Transition for | Transitional Services for Youth

6581 Hylan Blvd.
Princes Bay 10309
Tel: 718-984-6218

Program hours: afternoons, evenings, very flexible

A comprehensive program to help young people (ages 16 to 23) with emotional challenges to manage their transitions from adolescence to employment and career, higher education, community living, and the development of life skills. Once enrolled in, a young person will have the support that he or she needs to navigate the passage into the adult world.